Restaurant mobile Apps in Coronavirus times

As I write this post, many states in the U.S. and most countries in Europe are entering a second more serious lockdown due to an unprecedented increase in covid cases, now more than at any previous time, restaurants and food businesses are desperate to open additional sales channels. With delivery and pick-up as the only…

Contactless Menus

As we are entering a phase of de-confinement during the COVID-19 times, additional hygiene precautions are necessary for food service businesses such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, bars and bakeries. Contactless ordering and payment is an excellent way to minimize social contact while still operating your business in a safe manner. While it may be hard…

How to choose your food, product suppliers

Do you want to know how to choose good suppliers for your business? How are your suppliers managed for your cafeteria, restaurant, bakery or commercial business? In the food business market it is essential to guarantee ingredients and supplies that offer flavor and quality. . Without manufacturers that provide you with the raw materials that…

Restaurant waste management and recycling

With all the recent news coverage relating to the bush fires in Australia, it is obvious that our climate is changing rather drastically and fast, especially in the last 20 years. Environmental issues are becoming more prevalent and people are starting to get more concerned, which brings me to write my first article of 2020…

Increase sales through online ordering

As a fast casual restaurant owner, together with our team, we work tirelessly searching for efficient and secure ways to increase sales, we have often run and tested all sorts of coupon promotions, discounts, events and product promotions but as a high percentage of our business comes from take out we look to take advantage…

Chile Fast Food Stats

Fast food restaurants industry is expected to experience growth in the areas of healthy and premium fast food outlets. This niche market is driven by consumers lacking time and motivation to cook or health-conscious millennials entering the labor market and has resulted in an increase of fast casual restaurants offering healthier premium foods. Key Demand…

Café Design on the go

Contemporary Café design with a focus on lighting and color to attain a relaxing ambiance

Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant websites, are all about presentation, like your signature food offering. An attractive well organized website not only takes the photos of your food to the next level, it can influence in attracting more customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Email Marketing “Dead or Alive”

Far from dead, email marketing is alive and kicking, as digital marketing channels evolve, email continues to be an important part of any business online marketing strategy.